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17 August 2016

The man who talks most about winning is an expert in losing

Don’t be surprised that Trump has been peddling reasons for his eventual loss, stating that the election will be rigged against him. Don’t be surprised when he focuses more on maintaining an intense following rather than softening his message, only feigning attempts to gain wider appeal. And don’t be surprised that he’s cozy with ultra-right, and largely successful, media figures like Steve Bannon.

The man who has remained in the public eye through four bankruptcies knows how to lose. He’s not preparing his first 100 days as president, he’s preparing his next business, to be deployed on Wednesday, November 8th. Will he start a media outlet? A new TV show? Or a consulting firm? Only time will tell, but this much is true: Trump is prepared to lose the election, and profit from it as much as possible.

This attitude is indicative of corporate America: blow smoke to inflate worth or value as much as possible and use leverage to negotiate/set-up a golden parachute, so that when you get exposed you land with more than you had originally. It’s bark with no bite, it’s style without substance, but in business and in politics, it seems to work far longer than it should. 

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